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Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys vs. NSYNC – Who Wins The Ultimate Boy Band Battle?

Let me take you back to the late 1990s when we were at the beginning of a boy band craze that would sweep the nation for the next couple years. Middle school girls, like my sister, would dream about groups like 98 Degrees, LFO, and …
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'90s Music CD Collection

’90s Music CD Collection

Remember when compact discs were the cutting-edge way to listen to music? By the early ’90s, the sound quality, ease-of-use, and affordability caused audio CD’s to explode in popularity. Portable CD players made it easy to listen to music on the go, and by the …
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Saved By The Bell - Episode 3

Saved By The Bell – Episode 3 Review: “The Gift”

After a good start to the series, we get a jumbled episode with way too much happening. The episode starts at Bayside, where Zack discusses how their midterm will be given by “Terrible Testaverde”. Even just the mention of his name causes everyone in the …
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Saved By The Bell - Episode 2

Saved By The Bell – Episode 2 Review: “The Lisa Card”

This Lisa-centric episode is the first to feature a couple of themes that will be recurring throughout the series…Lisa’s obsession with shopping and Zack pulling off (or, attempting to pull off) a scheme. Much like the first episode, we start at the Max, where Zack …
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Backstreet Boys Memorabilia Collection

Every generation has their teen idols, and in the late ’90s and early 2000s, the Backstreet Boys were arguably the biggest. They stood at the top of a crowded boy band mountain, and churned out hit after hit. Whether it was fans jamming the streets …
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Tamagotchi – Our Source of Entertainment Growing up in the ’90s

In the days before phone apps and social media, a kid had to find some entertainment somewhere.  Fortunately, for us ’90s kids, there was the Tamagotchi.  What was a Tamagotchi, you ask?  It was simply a keychain-sized, egg-shaped virtual pet that changed our worlds in …
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Cory and Topanga

When Cory and Topanga Broke Up

Most of the ’90s is filled with great memories, especially when it comes to TV shows of the era. Unfortunately, what we’re about to relive is one of the saddest events of that time period, and I apologize in advance for any repressed trauma that …
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Pamela Anderson TV Guide

Pamela Anderson TV Guide From 1999

In the same box where I found an old Power Rangers TV Guide, I discovered a TV Guide from 1999 with Pamela Anderson on the cover.  I feel like I probably stole this from my parents before they threw it out, because Pamela Anderson was …
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