'90s Music CD Collection

’90s Music CD Collection

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Remember when compact discs were the cutting-edge way to listen to music? By the early ’90s, the sound quality, ease-of-use, and affordability caused audio CD’s to explode in popularity. Portable CD players made it easy to listen to music on the go, and by the mid-’90s, vinyl records and cassette tapes were nearly extinct. Unfortunately, the late ’90s would signal the beginning of the end for audio CD’s as well. With the rise of the internet, peer-to-peer networks started showing up, enabling people to digitally share music with each other. That evolved into digitally streaming music and digital music download services, which are the preferred way to get music these days. Today, it’s tough to find many people who buy CD’s for anything other than nostalgic purposes. But, let us remember a simpler time when CD’s ruled the music world. Here is my collection of ’90s music CD’s: