Remember the ’90s? Who doesn’t! It was the greatest time period ever for music, TV shows, fashion, and general awesomeness. If you grew up during this incredible era, then you’ll know that it was the best time to be a kid. If you didn’t, well then you really missed out. Fortunately, you found this site! I was born in 1984, so I grew up right in the heart of the ’90s. It’s my goal to let people relive their fun and nostalgic memories of this great decade. Let’s remember this amazing time together!

On Friday nights we stayed up late to watch TGIF, on Saturdays we watched SNICK while sleeping over a friend’s house, and every day we would watch Saved by the Bell reruns while getting ready for school. We saved up our allowances to pick up the newest Sega game, or to buy a CD from a cool band that we just heard on TRL. That’s right, there was no digital music back then. It was a time just before the internet and cell phones took off. We still had to use a pay phone if we needed to call our parents for a ride home, and we actually talked to our friends on the phone when we wanted to hang out. We couldn’t find out where our friends were at, or how they were feeling that day just by the click of a button.

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