Backstreet Boys Memorabilia Collection

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Every generation has their teen idols, and in the late ’90s and early 2000s, the Backstreet Boys were arguably the biggest. They stood at the top of a crowded boy band mountain, and churned out hit after hit. Whether it was fans jamming the streets of Times Square when they were in the TRL studio, or

My sister was twelve years old when Backstreet fever was at an all time high in 1999, so she was slightly obsessed to put it mildly.  She had a Backstreet Boys t-shirt for every day of the week, she had posters covering every inch of her wall, and she even dressed up like them with her friends once to try to win tickets to their concert.

I was in high school at the time, so there couldn’t have been anything less cool than boy bands as far as I was concerned.  Who wants to see grown men who can’t play instruments dance around on stage while girls throw themselves at them?  Lame!

As an adult, I’ve learned to appreciate the Backstreet Boys music for what it was, which was good harmless catchy pop music.  There’s nothing wrong with fun pop songs, and while I would never admit this to my high school self, they’ve got some great tunes.

Fortunately, knowing my love for the ’90s, my sister has dedicated some of the classic BSB items that she has left to my collection.  It’s mostly books, videos, and some other cool items.  Let’s take that nostalgic journey back to a time when the Backstreet Boys ruled the world:


Some very interesting books here, with everything from backstage photos to girlfriend secrets.

VHS Tapes & DVD’s

Back in the days before YouTube, video tapes were the best way to easily watch your favorite group.

Misc Items

If you took your lunch to school in a Backstreet Boys lunchbox, pretty much every girl would have been jealous. You could also be stylish with a Backstreet Boys key chain and CD carrying case.


Unfortunately, my sister went through a “too cool for boy bands phase”, so she got rid of her Backstreet Boys CD’s. I’ve purchased a couple at yard sales, and I’m hoping to add more to this collection.

If you have any Backstreet Boys memorabilia, or if you had a Backstreet Boys collection back in the day, leave a comment below.