Cory and Topanga Breaking Up Still Makes Us Cry Today


Last updated on October 5th, 2017

Most of the ’90s is filled with great memories, especially when it comes to TV shows of the era. Unfortunately, what we’re about to relive is one of the saddest events of that time period, and I apologize in advance for any repressed trauma that this might bring to the surface.

One of the greatest couples of the ’90s was Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence. The hippie nerd turned beauty queen, Topanga, was a perfect match for the self-conscious and kind-hearted Cory. The high school sweethearts eventually got married, moved to New York City, and are now raising two wonderful children. There really couldn’t have been more of a fairy-tale story for these lovebirds. Sadly, things weren’t always smooth sailing for this power couple. As with any relationship, there are ups and downs, and obstacles to overcome.

The biggest obstacle that Cory and Topanga had to overcome was a sultry ski bunny named Lauren.  In a season five episode called “Heartbreak Cory”, the gang goes on a seemingly harmless ski trip. A nice time in the mountains with a cozy fire and hot chocolate seems wonderful until Cory injures his ankle. While recovering in the ski lodge, he’s seduced by Lauren, an employee at the lodge. The two spend a lot of time alone while everyone else is out skiing, and even stay up all night talking. Cory lies about his ankle fully healing just to spend more time alone with her, and they eventually share a kiss.

Cory tells Topanga that he spent all night talking to Lauren and that he lied about his ankle, but tells her that it meant nothing. He purposely left out the fact that they kissed, hoping to not hurt Topanga, but it ended up just further complicating things once Topanga discovered a letter that Lauren wrote to him about her feelings. This all led up to one of the most emotionally draining periods in Boy Meets World history.

The two spent a good part of the season apart, with some dramatic moments that test their true feelings and make them question what it’s like to really be in love. Luckily, they both come to the eventual conclusion that they can’t live without each other, and it all culminates with Topanga proposing in the season finale at their graduation ceremony.

In the end, the situation with Lauren in the mountains probably ended up making Cory and Topanga’s relationship stronger. It made them realize without a doubt that they were meant to be together, and that there was no one else in the world they would rather spend their lives with. Still, it was a very difficult time for any fans of Boy Meets World, and left scars that still hurt to this day.

Do you have any memories of this emotional time period on Boy Meets World?  If so, feel free to leave a comment below.

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