Power Rangers TV Guide From 1994


Last updated on October 5th, 2017

Do TV Guides even exist anymore?  Back in the day before everything was digital, they were our best source for finding out when and where different TV shows were airing.  Not only that, but they would also have athletes, TV show characters, musicians, and movie stars on the cover.  Whoever, or whatever was on the cover would get a featured article along with a couple exclusive pictures.  In the days before the internet, when the lives of celebrities weren’t very easily accessible, this was a huge deal.

Looking through some of my old boxes recently, I found an old TV guide from July 1994 featuring the Power Rangers.  This was during the peak of the Mighty Morphin era, so this was one of the most exciting things possible for a kid. The red ranger is on the cover (my personal favorite) with the classic “Go, Go, Power Rangers” quote.  It boasts that they have everything we ever want to know about this show, and photos of new monsters.

Power Rangers TV Guide

The inside has about ten pages dedicated to photos and stories of the Power Rangers TV show.  There are a couple of pages that feature an article that talks about the popularity of the TV show, and how it had exploded in the US over the last year.  Each page has an action pose with one of the Power Rangers in full costume.

Power Rangers TV Guide - Red and Yellow Rangers

My favorite thing about this is the “Power Pack”, which is short bios on each of the Power Rangers.  It has their ages, their interests, and what they feel is the best thing about being a Ranger.  I probably read through this hundreds of times when I was a kid.

Power Pack

As advertised on the cover, there are also a couple pages of pictures of new monsters for the upcoming season (there are some returning ones as well).  I remember being so excited to see what the new monsters would look like, and how the Power Rangers would handle them.

New Power Rangers Monsters

Looking through this TV Guide was a great trip down memory lane, and I hope that it brings back some great nostalgic memories for anyone else who reads this post.

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