Saved By The Bell – Episode 4 Review: “Fatal Distraction”

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Last updated on October 4th, 2017

This is the first episode since Dancing to the Max to focus on Zack and Slater fighting over Kelly, as they each try to get her to go with them to a school dance.

Zack In Disguise

The episode starts with Zack coming to school in disguise, because he doesn’t want to give an answer to the endless amount of girls who ask him to the dance until he finds out whether Kelly wants to go with him. How egotistical could a person be? Anyway, when Kelly arrives at her locker, Zack and Slater argue over who will take her to the dance. Based on Kelly’s reactions and facial expressions, it’s quite obvious that she loves every single second of the attention that she gets from the guys.

Zack and Slater Fighting Over Kelly

Zack can’t handle waiting for a decision, so he buys Lisa a bunch of magazines in hopes that she’ll give him information about who Kelly is planning on taking to the dance. Lisa lists off three people who think she’s asking Slater, three people who think she’s asking him, and one person who thinks that she’s taking some random kid. Zack wants more information, since what Lisa told him was totally useless. He offers to do her history homework, but when she refuses, he gives her his Bon Jovi concert tickets. Man, he’s desperate. He does take back his tickets though after more totally useless information from her.

Fortunately for Zack, an opportunity for a scheme falls right into his lap. Zack finds out that Jessie is having the girls over for a sleepover, and in his typical scheming fashion, he hides a microphone in Jessie’s room before they come over. His twisted mind feels that this is the only way he’ll know who she’ll definitely ask to the dance. There’s a weird part while listening to their conversation where Screech imagines that Lisa loves him, and Kelly and Jessie are both super jealous. Jessie even awkwardly says that she wants to grow her own Screech in a jar.

Much to Zack’s excitement Kelly reveals that, if she had to pick now, she would take Zack. Unfortunately for Zack, his cheering from next door gets the attention of the girls, and they eventually find the microphone that was hidden in the room. Instead of getting mad, Kelly decides that they should get even, and she comes up with an idea to teach Zack a lesson.

They come up with a fake story about how Kelly always ends up physically hurting every guy that she likes. Something about her getting headaches, blacking out, and putting the guy in the hospital. The girls do their own scheming to keep Zack convinced that Kelly is crazy, which even includes Slater coming to school in a wheelchair saying that Kelly beat him up.

Zack tries to get Mr. Belding to help him, but he mostly just laughs him off. After class, Zack ends up getting trapped alone with Kelly. She carries around a baseball bat, and tells Zack how much she wants him. The panicked Zack unsuccessfully tries to leave, and Kelly yells about how she’s getting a headache, causing her to repeatedly smash the bat on the teacher’s desk. Zack remarks that he already has a date for the dance, and runs out.

Crazy Kelly

In the next scene, we find out that Zack ended up taking the ultra tomboy, Rhonda Robistelli, who had pursued him since the beginning of the episode. She’s literally bigger than everyone, and she mostly just carries Zack (or, “Zackey”, as she calls him) around while dancing. Also, the dance is taking place at The Max, which seems odd. I can’t say that I ever remember a school dance taking place at a local fast food restaurant.

Rhonda Robistelli

At the end, the girls and Slater reveal that they knew about the microphone, and they made up this story about Kelly. Zack gets a big kiss from Rhonda, and I guess that he learned his lesson.

Things We Learn

  • Screech is an electronics genius.
  • Zack doesn’t kiss on first dates (so he says).

Zack Schemes

  • Bugging Jessie’s room during a sleepover to try to figure out if Kelly wants to go to the dance with him.

Dream Sequence

  • Screech dreaming that Lisa loves him, and Kelly and Jessie are both super jealous.

Fashion Award

  • Screech dressed in a full Michael Jackson outfit (he even does the voice and the moonwalk).

Real Life Questions

  • If Zack really bugged someone’s room, wouldn’t he probably have gotten in a bit more trouble than his friends just “teaching him a lesson”?

Memorable Quotes

Zack – “You don’t think that she would consider going out with you?”
Slater – “Hey, only if she wants to have a great time.”
Zack – “In your dreams, Slater!”
Slater – “In your face, Preppy!”

Zack – “Alright, I’ll do your history homework.”
Lisa – “From you? That’s not a gift, that’s a threat.”

Overall Thoughts

Back to back episodes with a Zack and Slater feud, and this time it’s their most common rivalry of season one…fighting over Kelly. If you’ve read my other episode reviews, I probably sound like a broken record, but these episodes where this friend group has rivalries with each other always feel kind of strange. In this episode, not only are Zack and Slater feuding, but Lisa tries to take advantage of Zack when he asks her if she knows who Kelly wants to take to the dance. The episodes where they band together to help each other instead of plotting against each other are generally always more enjoyable.

Despite my dislike for their rivalries, this is much improved from the last episode. There are a lot of good scenes and funny moments, mainly thanks to Zack’s ridiculous attempts to try to find out if Kelly wants to go to the dance with him. This also starts what will become a recurring theme involving Zack’s schemes, which is him being taught a lesson. Instead of getting in trouble, Zack always gets taught a very valuable lesson by his friends, his teachers, and even sometimes Mr. Belding.

One of the most memorable non-main character Bayside students, Rhonda Robistelli, gets introduced in this episode. She’s a hilarious character with her classic “Zackey” lines. This also starts a trend of Bayside classmates who will either never show up again, or rarely show up again after being a main part of an episode…Rhonda is only seen in one more episode, and it’s a very brief appearance.


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