’90s Childhood Finds



’90s Childhood Find #3 – Tamagotchi

Our Source of Entertainment Growing up in the '90s In the days before phone apps and social media, a kid had to find some entertainment somewhere.  Fortunately, for us '90s kids, there was the Tamagotchi.  What was a Tamagotchi, you ask?  It was simply a ...
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Pamela Anderson TV Guide

’90s Childhood Find #2 – Pamela Anderson TV Guide

In the same box where I found an old Power Rangers TV Guide, I discovered a TV Guide from 1999 with Pamela Anderson on the cover.  I feel like I probably stole this from my parents before they threw it out, because Pamela Anderson was ...
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Power Rangers TV Guide

’90s Childhood Find #1 – Power Rangers TV Guide

Do TV Guides even exist anymore?  Back in the day before everything was digital, they were our best source for finding out when and where different TV shows were airing.  Not only that, but they would also have athletes, TV show characters, musicians, and movie ...
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