Saved By The Bell Episode Reviews

Did you watch Saved by the Bell when you were younger? If you grew up in the ’90s, then you certainly did.

Saved by the Bell is one of the shows that defined the early ’90s. Everyone fell in love with Zack Morris, AC Slater, Kelly Kapowski, and the rest of the Bayside gang as they showed us how much fun high school could be. Even though the show ended its run more than twenty years ago, constant reruns and references have made it a favorite

After thinking about many of the great ’90s TV shows, I have decided to take on the task of watching and reviewing every episode of Saved by the Bell. Looking back, many critics tend to bash the show for being too cheesy and unrealistic. Some people even refer to it as being dated, claiming that what was cool and funny in the early ’90s is lame and stupid now. Despite the haters, a perfectly done skit from 2015 on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which has amassed more than 35 million views, shows that Saved by the Bell is still strong in our hearts. For anyone who watches it now, they have to take it for what it is…it was a Saturday morning sitcom made for kids more than two decades ago. So, that’s how I’ll be reviewing it. I’ll be looking at each episode from the perspective of a ’90s kid who grew up loving this show, but who is now an adult with an open mind that could look at things for what they are. The show might have not been ground breaking, but it did teach us some very valuable lessons, made us laugh, and gave us something to look forward to watching each week.

So, if you want honest and fun reviews of each Saved by the Bell episode without over analyzing everything and constant negativity, then check out the posts below:


Saved By The Bell - Episode 2

Saved By The Bell – Episode 2 Review: “The Lisa Card”

This Lisa-centric episode is the first to feature a couple of themes that will be recurring throughout the series...Lisa's obsession with shopping and Zack pulling off (or, attempting to pull off) a scheme. Much like the first episode, we start at the Max, where Zack ...
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Saved By The Bell Episode 1

Saved By The Bell – Episode 1 Review: “Dancing To The Max”

Spinning off of the failed series, Good Morning Miss Bliss, this was the very first episode to air for what would eventually become the extremely successful Saved by the Bell television series. The episode appropriately opens with a packed house at the gang's favorite hangout, ...
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