Last updated on February 17th, 2018

Our Source of Entertainment Growing up in the ’90s

In the days before phone apps and social media, a kid had to find some entertainment somewhere.  Fortunately, for us ’90s kids, there was the Tamagotchi.  What was a Tamagotchi, you ask?  It was simply a keychain-sized, egg-shaped virtual pet that changed our worlds in 1997.

To break down the basics, once activated, the screen would start with a digital egg.  The egg would eventually hatch, and turn into our small lovable digital pet.  The purpose of a Tamagotchi was that we had to take care of this thing like it was a real living and breathing pet.  They had to be fed, disciplined, and played with to survive.  The pets would become unhappy, sick, and even die when they weren’t properly cared for.

Sounds like the most fun thing ever, right?  Probably not, but this little keychain-sized toy taught us about responsibility and caring while entertaining us at the same time.


I sadly lost my Tamagotchi a long time ago (I guess that I wasn’t a great pet owner), but luckily my sister actually found hers recently.  Since she knows my love for the ’90s, she gladly gave it to me.  It unfortunately doesn’t work anymore, but it’s still a classic toy to have.  I’m hoping to try to replace the battery someday, and take care of my digital pet like it’s my ’90s childhood all over again.

Do you have any fun memories about taking care of your Tamagotchi to share?  If so, leave a comment below.

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