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Saved By The Bell - Episode 2

Saved By The Bell – Episode 2 Review: “The Lisa Card”

This Lisa-centric episode is the first to feature a couple of themes that will be recurring throughout the series...Lisa's obsession with shopping and Zack pulling off (or, attempting to pull off) a scheme. Much like the first episode, we start at the Max, where Zack ...
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Cory and Topanga

’90s Childhood Memory #2 – Cory and Topanga Breaking Up

Most of the '90s is filled with great memories, especially when it comes to TV shows of the era. Unfortunately, what we're about to relive is one of the saddest events of that time period, and I apologize in advance for any repressed trauma that ...
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Power Rangers TV Guide

’90s Childhood Find #1 – Power Rangers TV Guide

Do TV Guides even exist anymore?  Back in the day before everything was digital, they were our best source for finding out when and where different TV shows were airing.  Not only that, but they would also have athletes, TV show characters, musicians, and movie ...
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Saved By The Bell Episode 1

Saved By The Bell – Episode 1 Review: “Dancing To The Max”

Spinning off of the failed series, Good Morning Miss Bliss, this was the very first episode to air for what would eventually become the extremely successful Saved by the Bell television series. The episode appropriately opens with a packed house at the gang's favorite hangout, ...
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